Mayra was murdered!


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Villahermosa, Tabasco, Mexico; . of May 16, 2014 – A new scandal shakes of Tabasco to the Government, a new Health negligence, DIF again wrapped in corruption, influence peddling and impunity; Today the victim is a 12 Twelve years who practically murdered, and now seek handwashing bloodstained family blaming the infant.

The girl Mayra, who has been declared clinically dead by stroke, is in intensive care at the “Regional Specialty Hospital Gustavo A. Rovirosa”; until there came an ambulance, from the “Women’s Hospital”, where days earlier had practiced it a bad curettage, the same that led to peritonitis, an infection that put her on the brink of death, and it was forwarded to known “Rovirosa”.

A family member, who for fear of reprisals from the Government and authorities of DIF , we omit calls your name ( fully identified and willing to testify before a Federal Agency or Authority ) tells the harrowing story of how the DIF is responsible for a double murder, and now to the ” Public Opinion ” the government of Arturo Núñez Press pays millions in them to make them look guilty . ( Test : % C3 % B1a – rescued – by – the – diff)

The source notes that strangers Mayra manipulated , in order to denounce his family abuse ; therefore joined to the specialized agency for such offenses ( PGJ ), the CAMVI , the complaint registered under this number : APCAMVI/2DO/358/2014 ; all this happened , he adds, the first day of April this year.

Mayra is the daughter of a single mother , having an honest job , and that is being a mom of six, where Mayra was the largest. The girl snatches DIF, through the ” Office of Juvenile and Family ” , supposedly to take care and ensure their safety and health ; thereby refer to a hostel ward of DIF ; Little Girl to get to that place, and their caregivers knew that was pregnant with more than three months; despite this, send it to sleep in a bunk , where Wednesday night April 30th , paradoxically Children’s Day falls .

The girl began to feel really bad since that night, beating cries of pain , no one answered , no one said or did anything ; came the weekend , she was writhing and moaning ; she did not know , but had lost her baby , and he fell into an infection and required medical care; but it was already weekend, Friday, Saturday , Sunday , Monday 5 May festival , and there was no one go to the aid of the lower , although it was his responsibility.

It was only on Tuesday, 6 May, which they deigned to take Women’s Hospital , and the girl was semi unconscious neglect of those responsible for Housing, the Attorney Hortensia de los Angeles Acosta Ramos ; and the value in the hospital , detect major infection , and decide practicarle the curettage ; But things go wrong , go wrong, hurt more than the girl ‘s mother and his only 12 years old, and fatal peritonitis ensues ; Director of Hospital heals health , decides not load more dead that cuestionadisimo hospital, to which the Governor Arturo Nunez will not invest a penny , so the move to ” Rovirosa ” .

With all this negligence DIF , the Attorney for the Defense of Children and Women’s Hospital , and comes as the small body Mayra ; May 11 , as has been admitted by the government itself , is cardiac arrest , which survives, the baby clinging to life, but his body strength , human , your body no longer help, and takes Big Sleep , stroke . Is clinically dead for five days .

Today the Government , where the hand is indisputable that directs DIF Martha Lilia Lopez – Nunez – emphasizes the complainant wants to gain time , switch statements , accusing innocent , manufactures guilty ; All to protect the real murderers of the baby. ” A Mayra the murdered … ” – concludes –


madredemayra 137

Threaten the DIF Tabasco
Jailing mom Mayra
The mother also NiñaDe12Años that a # # NegligenciaDelDif is between life and death in the Hospital Gustavo A. Rovirosa breaks the silence , and with tears in his eyes petition to the Government of Tabasco create you pretend to the public a type of person who is not; because she has no family , nor his daughter has stepfather ; ” Now I want to put in jail for not vouch for the death of my grandson and severity of my daughter. ” Think being Indian Mother Tongue and Chiapas Zoque, authorities discriminate here . Ask for help to the Government of Chiapas.

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Villahermosa , Tabasco, Mexico ; to May 19, 2014 – . Flor de María Álvarez Cruz , mother of the child Mayra Perez Cruz, reported to authorities DIF Tabasco, presiding Martha Lilia Lopez Nunez , now want fabricarle a crime and put it to the prison in retaliation for requesting information to be written to the hospitals where did abort her daughter, why is hovering between life and death for eight days .

The complainant narrated that the weekend came a summons by the Agency of the Public CAMVI ( Care Center for Children and Victims Unable ) to be present today , May 19 at 09:30 hours , “for purposes he makes his statement as Likely Responsible Acts that are investigated in the heading Cited After Investigation ” ( AP-CAMVI-II-358/2014 ) , signed by the Deputy Public Inquiry , Marta Elena Rivero Guzman.

Flor de Maria assures that for being a humble indigenous Chiapas , are suffering discrimination and attacks by DIF Tabasco staff , reporting directly to Ms. María del Carmen García Antonio, who has harassed and threatened anyway , and it was the same under his care and responsibility at the lodge , by the DIF , her youngest daughter Mayra Perez Cruz .

Cruz Álvarez Counsel submits that this DIF was just throwing his daughter to Hospital for Women , which never came , nor answers your phone calls ; who was the person who banned him from seeing his daughter ; and took into account only to tell their offspring that was already hospitalized ; cheating it was just a small fever and throat infection ; when the truth is that my daughter told me crying that day at the clinic , which had fallen from a bunk where she was forced to sleep despite her pregnancy , and then it fell nobody wanted to ignore their pain.

Flor says that is native to the community ” Nuevo León Francisco ” Ocosingo municipality , Chiapas, his mother tongue is Zoque ; also tells us that a year ago widowed , Pedro Cruz , father of five children , was hanged ; she has no partner , that’s why it is not possible to say Mayra ‘s stepfather abused and that I knew or gave consent ; ” I know you are inventions of the DIF , to give me my fault what they are doing with my daughter ; they took me because they were going to look and already killed me ” – holding –

Nightmare Flower Mary began exactly two months ago :
Tells exclusively for the March 19 this year , his younger daughter pregnant confessed that Mr. Juan de la Cruz Torres (about 40 years) was , and as all shocked to realize that it was a Violation , by the age of your daughter, mother went to denounce CAMVI ; but he realized that this person and his daughter had ” brainwashed ” and not want her to denounce .

That on April 14 , this person Mayra convinced to go away with him , leaving in the morning from his home , leaving her and her other young children locked with padlocks ; that went out the window and that was the home of John of the Cross (located two blocks from home) thinking there was his daughter, but no one came ; that and later went to work, and when he returned he warned neighbors that Mayra had returned and had taken her other younger daughter seven years old and named Yesenia .

That in this new situation back to CAMVI April 15 , they did not want him to ignore and after much pleading and crying for abducting her two daughters finally that day was arrested Rapist Juan de la Cruz Torres ; thing by deep manipulation had been victim bothered her little daughter Mayra ; being sure that her innocence she did not allow him to realize that it was not love but an abuse ; and lawyers advised this person to declare against me so that the prisoner go free .

By this manipulation was that the DIF Tabasco instead of investigating , I only took my little girl ; now your baby is dead ; girl between life and death ( he brain death has been decreed ) and now cited to declare as Head of crimes I did not commit ; and this quote matches their need to know the truth of her daughter’s condition , and therefore requested to inform in writing the situation in each of the hospitals involved (From Women and Rovirosa ) received and made with her daughter ; It is convinced that there was negligence from the Hostel DIF , since she snatched Mayra in perfect health .

Finally Mayra ‘s mother blames authorities DIF everything that happens to her and her youngest daughter ; and seeks help from his native State Government : Chiapas, to defend it and not let the government imprison Tabasco , fearing that attitude in retaliation , and without reading the documents have been signed.



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